Mid Century Modern & Custom Furniture

Ludwig Mies Style Chaise Lounge Chair - Black

You need to at least imagine water in front of you to fully experience this piece. As with the ripple after-effects caused by the toss of a pebble, there’s no telling where the Ripple Chaise Lounge will take you. For those who appreciate natural resolve, without the need to know the destination point, then Ripple is for you. The rounded polished steel tube arms, and ribbed leather seat, creates an intuitive and free-thinking environment that inspires. But while there is a starting point to this innovative design, there is no foreseeable end to this piece perfectly positioned for progress. For use by the pool, beach, or any patio area filled with that contemporary feel.
Set Includes:

One -  Chaise Lounge.

66"L x 19"W x 33.5 - 41"H
Seat Dimensions: 20"L x 19"W x 21 - 24"H
Armrest Dimensions: 1"W x 20.5 - 23.5"H
Backrest Dimensions: 19"W x 23.5"H
Space Between Seat and Armrest: 3.5 - 9"H
Cushion Height: 2.5"H
Base Dimensions: 20"L x 19"W

Item#: T1D- 300 Ludwig Chrome Chaise